healthy lifestyle

Love & Relationship
June 28, 2020

Could there be something more important than diet and exercise?

Think about it: you’ve had a bad day. What would you prefer to do, eat a salad or meet up with your BFF and have a heart to heart? It turns out that friendship has a powerful effect on your health...
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Exercise, Fitness & Muscle
June 20, 2020

Winterise your workout!

The winter season – rain, wind and icy temperatures – doesn’t exactly give you that urge to stick with your summer workout schedule; we know the feeling. But unless you want your 6-pack to turn into a keg, you need to keep up with your training programme. Here are our tips to help you push through.
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Exercise, Fitness & Muscle
June 17, 2020

Running for beginners

Running can take a toll on your body, especially when you’re just getting started. Here are a few ways to help you manage the demands of running, while minimising the chances of getting injured.
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