Hello Doctor show

May 17, 2016

Myth busting – live longer and better

We all want to live a long and healthy life, but none of us want to get old. It seems the idea of longevity is only appealing if we can retain our youthful fitness and health. Is longevity possible, is it something you should take, or something you should do? What IS the secret of youth? We take a look. (more…)
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May 1, 2015

How to beat fatigue

You’re eyes are getting heavy, you’re feeling very sleepy…no, this isn’t hypnosis – but it is how many of us feel when we're stuck in that all too familiar gridlock morning traffic. (more…)
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Chest & Lung
January 27, 2014

Jenna Lowe’s story

If it wasn’t for the thin, clear plastic oxygen tubing and a slight catch in her voice, you wouldn’t even know about the battle that young Jenna Lowe is waging. (more…)
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