October 27, 2017

HIV/AIDS: What you need to know

The HIV virus is one that attacks the body’s immune system and, without proper treatment, effectively destroys the body’s ability to fight off diseases. Once your immune system reaches a stage where it can no longer fight off infection, HIV becomes AIDS. And while there is no known cure for HIV or AIDs, ARV (anti-retroviral) drugs can help prevent the HIV virus from becoming full-blown aids. With ARVS, an HIV positive person can live a normal and full life as long as they continue taking medication and lead a healthy lifestyle. We spoke to Dr. Albert from Hello Doctor to…
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December 16, 2013

Beef and lentils

If you’re taking ARV medication, it can leave you feeling sick and unable to eat much. This nutritious beef broth is easy on the stomach, plus it’s packed with essential nutrients to give you energy. (more…)
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December 13, 2013

Avocado and chicken wrap with chilli mayonnaise

Although some people avoid eating avocados because they’re relatively high in fat and calories, the truth is they’re also packed with essential nutrients and heart-healthy compounds. Avocados are delicious and versatile, and here are a couple more great reasons to include them regularly in your diet: They’re packed with carotenoids and vitamin E, which help with digestion, eye-health and “good” cholesterol levels. They’re also packed with protein and potassium, which makes them good for building muscle, promoting healing and keeping you in a good mood. They’re high fibre, so they keep you full and satiated. They also contain folate, which…
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