Hair & nails
February 23, 2017

How to identify and treat a lice infestation

What are head lice? Head lice are wingless, parasitic insects that live and feed on blood from the human scalp. They are white to grey-brown and about the size of a sesame seed. These tiny insects infest in human hair, and sometimes in the eyebrows and eyelashes. Head-to-head contact spreads head lice. These little critters climb from the hair of an infected person to the hair of another. An infestation of head lice most often affects children. However, it is possible for people of any age to become infested with these pesky creatures. Why is it a common occurrence in…
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Fungal infectionsSkin
February 12, 2017

Ditch the itch of fungal skin infections

Cracked feet? Red? Burning? Itchy? It could be a fungal infection. A fungal infection can form on different parts of your body. Fungi are reproduced by spreading microscopic spores. These spores are present in soil, air and wherever it can be inhaled or come into contact with your body, and specifically your skin or lungs. Strange marks on your feet? Talk to one of our Doctors about it – it’s completely confidential. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually causes cracked, red and itchy skin between your toes. You may also develop red, dry and cracked skin and bumps…
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April 11, 2016

I’ve got a RASH!

Bumpy, lumpy, scaly, red or itchy – a skin rash is hard to hide and hard to live with! There’s a reason that a rash is hard to ignore: it’s your skin telling you that something is wrong. (more…)
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