Jenna Lowe

Chest & Lung
June 9, 2015

Farewell Jenna Lowe, you will be missed

It always brings us great sadness to mention the passing of a courageous and outstanding person. After months of recovering from a double lung transplant, Jenna Lowe, 20, passed away yesterday. (more…)
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March 5, 2014

A quick update on our Jenna Lowe story

Hi guys! Here’s a little follow-up on the Jenna Lowe story we brought you in January. Jenna suffers from stage 4 pulmonary hypertension, and at the time we aired her story, she was waiting to start treatment on a vital new drug, Flolan. (more…)
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Chest & Lung
January 27, 2014

Jenna Lowe’s story

If it wasn’t for the thin, clear plastic oxygen tubing and a slight catch in her voice, you wouldn’t even know about the battle that young Jenna Lowe is waging. (more…)
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