January 5, 2018

Oestrogen: a hormone for women and men

What separates the girls from the boys? From a physical perspective, it all boils down to hormones. The glands all over your body secrete substances which have an effect on how your organ system behaves; either in a positive or negative way. Although oestrogen is a female hormone, a man’s body also makes oestrogen; but at a lower level. Oestrogen is a group of sex hormones that help with the development and maintenance of female characteristics in the human body. So, your hormones act like messengers, that tell specific tissues in your body to behave a certain way. Amazing, right?…
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Women's Health
October 24, 2017

Ladies, here’s how to light the fire in the bedroom

It’s normal to feel a dip in your sex drive as you get older. As life and work takes its toll, the occasional drop in your hormones is perfectly common. Before beating yourself up about it, let’s get a better understanding for why this happens: Stress & sleep. Stressful events can take over your everyday life, and can drain the sexual energy right out of you – more so if you’re not getting enough sleep. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that a good night's rest greatly enhances a woman's sex drive. So, the more you…
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Sexual Health
October 14, 2016

Can depression affect my sex life?

You feel sad, numb and listless, and your depression is starting to affect your partner. Your sex life is nearly non-existent and intimacy feels unreachable. Feelings of sadness, hopelessness and helplessness are typical features of depression. These feelings can have an effect on your everyday life. If you’re depressed and have lost interest in sex, don’t worry – you are not alone. It’s important to understand that this lack of interest is as much a symptom of depression as feeling low. (more…)
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Sexual Health
January 14, 2014

Ladies, are you ready for your own blue pill?

Is your low libido getting you, well, down? Are you getting anxious or is your relationship starting to take strain because of it? Don’t worry ladies, scientists are working on a new female Viagra that’s set to help boost your sex drive. (more…)
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