Healthy Lifestyle
July 24, 2016

Does social media change our behaviour?

It’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without social media! Even if you aren’t super-connected with all the latest devices, you’re probably on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – even if it’s only for work – and for teens, social media is the norm. But has this shift in how we meet, greet and interact with each other impacted our behaviour as people? Let’s take a look. (more…)
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Exercise, Fitness & Muscle
February 20, 2016

Focus and happiness are just a few steps away!

What if there was an easy and real way to help you with all of the following at once: stress, concentration, hormone dips and even depression? No, not a magic medication or a weird diet – something truly simple and even pleasurable? Well, there is. And anyone can do it. (more…)
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