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Eye Health
October 22, 2018

Don’t skimp on your sunglasses!

The summer sun is here! Which means you’re going to need some cool shades for the beach. But don’t be tempted to grab the cheapest ones you can find – your precious peepers could be at risk. Cheap sunglasses are cheap because the stylish frame is pretty much all that’s on offer. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are known for causing sunburns and skin cancers, but these dangerous rays can harm your eyes too. While UV rays are invisible to the human eye, over-exposure can damage your eyes, causing conditions that affect your vision. Most cheap sunglasses don’t offer protection against UV…
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January 23, 2017

What you can do today, to save your eyes tomorrow

You stare at bright screens all day and well into the night. Whether it’s from gaming, typing, or texting, your eyes are glued to a screen for hours on end – and this is not good for your eyesight. You may have 20/20 vision right now, but you may not always be so lucky. Here’s what you need to keep your eyes peeled for! Cataracts can affect you at any age. Talk to a Doctor now about how to recognise the signs and symptoms. (more…)
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Eye Health
March 4, 2015

What it’s like to see through an eye condition

Blindness affects many people across the world. While some eye diseases occur from birth, others can be hereditary, or can come about through lifestyle. What you might not know is that certain eye conditions have different effects on your vision. For example, glaucoma starts off with the loss of peripheral vision, whereas cataracts causes ones vision to blur. Here are four of the most common eye diseases, and what the world might look like for those with any of these conditions. (more…)
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