medical breakthroughs

January 7, 2017

South African student creates breakthrough sensor for asthma

Take a slow, deep breath. Imagine holding a long straw; so thin that a toothpick wouldn't fit through it. Imagine clenching this thin straw between your lips without any leaks. Now try to breathe through that small opening between your pursed lips, using no more, and no less than the tiny gap. THIS is what asthma feels like, except an asthmatic can't control it, and – more often than not – they can't predict when the next attack will happen. Until now. (more…)
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September 14, 2016

Groundbreaking surgery on an unborn baby!

We are so proud of our South African surgeons, who made history again! This time, it was Dr Ismail Bhorat, a foetal specialist from Durban, who did a rare operation on an unborn baby. What was wrong with the foetus? The 6 month-old foetus had a rare condition, called ‘pericardial effusion’: a collection of fluid around the heart. The fluid compresses the heart and lungs, affecting the heart’s ability to pump, and the unborn baby’s ability to breathe. What makes this a ground-breaking operation? There have been previous operations on unborn babies (known as in-utero). However, this particular operation has…
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General knowledge
December 31, 2015

Medical Breakthroughs in 2015

You might not see it every day, but we live in a country that is continuously making medical history - way back from the first heart transplant to the very recent penis transplant! South Africa is truly home to some of the world's most brilliant people. But we’re not the only ones - here are some of the best medical breakthroughs that happened across the globe this year! (more…)
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