AnxietyMental & Emotional Health
February 28, 2018

The dark side of anti-anxiety medication

It’s normal to worry and feel stressed, but if you worry to an extent where it consumes your thoughts, making you constantly anxious, you might be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a term for a group of disorders that cause nervousness, fear, and worrying. It affects how you feel and behave and you may experience physical symptoms like a pounding heart, headaches, sweating, an upset stomach and muscle tension. Anxiety can range from mild to severe. Mild anxiety is unsettling and it’s possible to cope, but severe anxiety affects your day-to-day living, filling your life with endless worry.…
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Gut & digestion
July 28, 2017

Is your heartburn medication harming you?

It’s easy to turn to your trusty antacid whenever heartburn kicks in, but relying on these popular pills may be hurting your health. Studies show that long-term use of certain heart burn medication, called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) can increase your risk for: Kidney damage Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine discovered that taking PPIs for long periods can put you at risk of serious kidney damage, even if you have no history of kidney problems.. According to Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly, the senior author of the study, kidney problems can develop silently and gradually over time, impairing kidney…
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Chest & LungTuberculosis
April 18, 2017

The cost of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic infectious disease caused by a bacterium. It destroys parts of the lungs, making it difficult to breathe, but can also spread to and attack the bones, joints and nervous system. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about one percent of our population develops TB disease each year. In South Africa the resistant strains of TB are on the increase. In fact, only five percent of TB is drug-resistant worldwide. This means that they are difficult to treat, time-consuming, and expensive. According to WHO, it can cost several hundred times more to treat drug-resistant TB…
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Sexual Health
August 23, 2016

Is medicine killing your sex-drive?

You and your partner have always enjoyed a great love-life, but lately you just can’t feel it. For some reason the thought of sex leaves you numb, and you miss the intimacy. Maybe it isn’t you at all – the problem could be lurking in your medicine cabinet. Here are some of the common culprits: (more…)
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Medication & Treatment
August 19, 2016

All about antibiotics

This week I have been inundated with patients suffering from flu-like symptoms, and all wanting antibiotics to get them better quickly!! Unfortunately, most of the time their symptoms are due to viral infections and I've sent them off to the pharmacy with a battery of medications, but no antibiotics. "How can you be so cruel?", I hear you ask. Well let’s take a closer look at antibiotics before you judge me!  (more…)
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Medication & Treatment
July 11, 2016

Top 5 anti-depressant “must knows”

Your doctor has prescribed anti-depressant medication for you and if you take your prescription correctly, it will make a big difference to your quality of life. To get the best results, there are some things that you need to know. (more…)
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June 11, 2016

When medicine turns deadly

Two stories trending on social media this week may be worlds apart, but they have something huge in common: it isn’t just street drugs that can harm or kill you. (more…)
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Medication & Treatment
March 15, 2016

Should I stop taking my meds?

If you have been prescribed medication for a chronic condition, there is a good chance that you feel great and would love to come off it. The truth is that many diseases are silent and have no symptoms until you have a serious health event like a stroke or heart attack. Here are just a few reasons why you should stay on your medication. (more…)
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