August 7, 2017

What makes spring-time so special?

New beginnings. A fresh start. New hope. The word “spring” reminds us of greenery, freshness and optimism; a new burst of well-being.  It has much to do with the literal emergence from a cold, wintry space into a fresh and greener place. But is that all there is to it? SAD no more Scientists say spring may be more than skin-deep. “It’s a hopeful time for people,” explains Edward Mackey from the Mind-Body Institute of Applied Psycho-physiology. In Psychology Magazine, he writes: Spring can signify new beginnings.” It’s also a time where sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be…
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Healthy LifestyleMental & Emotional Health
December 6, 2016

Get high on happiness

Hormones are your body’s special chemical messengers. They control all those important functions like hunger and reproduction, and have a major say in your emotional health and wellbeing. In fact, every emotion you experience is the result of the release of certain hormones. Depending on the amount released, this can determine how happy you feel. (more…)
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