General knowledge
March 22, 2017

Why you can’t get that annoying song out of your head

Have you ever found yourself getting annoyed at someone for singing a song on an endless loop, only to find yourself humming the same song later? Research suggests that even if you find a song annoying, if it’s catchy, it will stick in your head. Listening to music triggers the part of your brain called the auditory cortex. This is the part that processes information that you receive through hearing. It’s found in your temporal lobe which receives signals from your ears, like pitch and the volume of sound. Songs that are most likely to get stuck in your head…
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Exercise, Fitness & Muscle
February 23, 2017

Want to get fit? Pump up the volume

Your legs feel like jelly and you can’t seem to hold on to the exercise bike for a minute longer. Suddenly your favourite song comes on and you’re motivated again. Nobody really enjoys sweating it out at the gym, but music could be that extra push you need to keep going. Why does music make you want to move? It’s a good distraction Notice how time flies when you’re busy or distracted? Jamming to your favourite tunes while working out will distract you from aches or pains and make your workout seem shorter. It keeps you going The motor area…
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Healthy Lifestyle
April 19, 2016

Music: Fine-tune your health

Forget the crash diets – music can make you healthy! Classic, rock, jazz…whatever your taste in music may be, it doesn’t matter – you listen to it because you enjoy it, but did you know it can also give you a better quality of life? (more…)
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Healthy LifestyleStudy
March 4, 2016

3 Ways to boost your energy instantly

Stay away from the energy drinks and follow these energy boosting ideas! You’ve pulled another all-nighter, and need to get through a few more chapters before tomorrow’s exam. So you rush into the café and grab 3 cans of energy-drinks. This should get you through right? BIG Mistake. Energy drinks contain up to 50 grams of sugar (that’s 13 teaspoons worth!) and give you an instant sugar rush, not an energy one. As your blood sugar crashes a few minutes later, you’re left feeling worse off than you did before. You may feel great at the start of the lecture,…
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Healthy Lifestyle
March 11, 2015

Random, but vital, health facts!

Here’s a new angle on some health facts. A couple are just curious, and maybe one or two are new to you. What we do know: these factoids can only make your life more fabulous. (more…)
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