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February 11, 2017

Got flu? Don’t exercise!

You’ve finally gotten into the groove of your workout and you’re seeing a bikini body in the making. But now you feel the flu coming on. What now? Resist the urge to throw on your gym gear or hit the road for your daily run. Depending on how sick you are, all you’d be doing is harming your health further, which could lead to even more dangerous conditions. Here’s how to rest effectively and know when to call it quits. Flu symptoms can easily be confused with those of other conditions. Talk to Hello Doctor if you have any symptoms…
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Heart & Blood VesselsHeart Disease
January 30, 2017

How flu, yeast and parasites can cause heart disease

Myocarditis is a heart condition where the myocardium becomes inflamed. If you’ve never heard of the myocardium it’s simply the middle layer of your heart wall. This muscle pumps blood in and out of the heart, and to the rest of the body. When this muscle becomes inflamed, its ability to pump blood becomes less effective, and you may have trouble breathing and an irregular heartbeat. It can also cause blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. Heart conditions can be difficult to diagnose. Speak to Hello Doctor about the signs and symptoms to watch out for. (more…)
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