Hair & nails
June 17, 2019

How to prevent and treat ingrown toenails

You have a 20-minute walk home from the bus station. To make things worse you’re limping because your toe is throbbing. Could an ingrown toenail be the culprit?
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July 3, 2016

What do your nails say about you?

No, we’re not talking about the latest manicure trends – your nails (without any cutex) actually give us many clues about your health-status. Just by looking at them, a well trained eye can pick up potential problems! Before you panic when you see this list, it’s important to note that we don’t only use the nails to diagnose, but your nails can give doctors a good sense of what to expect. (more…)
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General knowledge
November 7, 2015

4 More weird medical facts

We may think we know ourselves better than everyone else, but that doesn’t always mean we know or understand our bodies. Are you ready to find out some more weird facts about your body? You are taller in the morning! Your height is one of those things that just doesn’t change after you’ve hit a certain age. No cream, exercise or medicine can make you taller. Surgery is possible, but it’s painful, expensive and comes with complications. There is one time that you are taller though, and it’s right after you climb out of bed. When you sleep, the little…
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