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December 8, 2017

Could you have fibromyalgia?

You finally crawl into bed after a long and taxing day, looking forward to nothing more than a few blissful hours of sleep. Except, it’s not. Your body and muscles ache in weird ways and you feel odd prickles of pain all through the night. What’s going on? It could be fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, but it’s not progressive or life-threatening. Nor does it have anything to do with muscle, nerve or joint injury, or any serious tissue damage or disease. People with fibromyalgia are not at greater risk for other musculoskeletal diseases. Fibromyalgia is a muscular pain…
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Bone, Muscle & Joint
November 8, 2017

Are your hips causing your neck pain?

Shakira may have misled us all with “Hips don’t lie” because a hip problem can disguise itself as knee, leg, or shoulder pain. An imbalance of the hips may cause neck and back pain. But how does that happen? When your hips, lumbar spine (lower back) and pelvis are out of alignment, your head, neck, and shoulders compensate for the problem. Think about it - every single joint is connected to every other joint. If one is out of whack, it affects the whole chain of joints. A joint connection Your joints allow movement and flexibility, and support all the…
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Bone, Muscle & Joint
February 21, 2016

How to treat that pain in your neck

No, we're not referring to an annoying colleague or neighbor, but the actual, physical neck-pain. Most of us have woken up with a sore neck, or one that feels bolted into place like Frankenstein’s monster. If you know what it is caused by, it's usually pretty easy to treat, and to prevent. Why you get neck pain Your neck supports the full weight of your head and is also flexible. While this gives you the ability to move your head, it also makes your neck more vulnerable to injury. So, let’s take a look at the symptoms, causes and treatments…
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