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February 2, 2014

Salt: Knowledge is power

Salt is often added to packaged or processed foods as a preservative or for flavour. Sometimes these foods don’t even taste particularly salty. For example, bread, cereals, hard/block margarines, gravy and soup powders, processed meat products like sausage, polony and pies, meat and vegetable extracts, and convenience meals are just some of the products containing hidden salt that can contribute to our salt intake. Of course, this means that your salt intake can be really high without you even knowing it. Stay one step ahead of hidden salt by reading product labels. Here’s a quick “how-to-guide” on understanding food label…
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Food & nutrition
January 30, 2014

No salt? But what can I use instead?

So, you’re reading food labels and you've cut down on your salt intake, excellent! But that’s no reason to settle for bland food. Remember to reduce the amount of salt you add to your meals gradually over time - your taste buds will start to adjust, and soon you won’t notice the difference. Also remember that there are so many delicious (and much healthier) alternatives to salt, that your dishes can still be packed with flavour. Here are our favourites: (more…)
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