February 9, 2017

Doctor extracts live cockroach from woman’s skull

It's the stuff of horror movies: an insect burrows itself into your skull, driving you mad until desperation drives you over a cliff. Except this isn't a horror movie, and the woman who had a cockroach in her skull is still alive and well. What happened? According to news sources, a 42-year old woman from India woke up with a painful sensation behind her eyes. She rushed to the clinic, where her nasal passages were rinsed, and she was sent home. Since the pain didn't go away, the woman went back to the hospital, where physicians examined her nasal passages…
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First Aid, Accidents & Injuries
February 12, 2016

Nose bleeds – what you need to know

'My nose always bleeds when it's hot.' 'I carry around tissues, because I never know if my nose will start bleeding again.' 'This time of year, I always get nose-bleeds'. Does this sound like you? Then follow these tips to make your life a little less bloody. (more…)
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