panic attack

Mental & Emotional Health
March 18, 2020

Could you be suffering from complex PTSD?

Prolonged or repeated experiences of trauma can take a toll on your mental health. It’s important to be screened, diagnosed and put on a treatment plan to help you heal and improve your wellbeing.

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Heart & Blood Vessels
January 8, 2018

Is it a panic attack – or a heart attack?

Pounding heart, shortness of breath, sweating, fear of losing control or of dying. Sound familiar? These are some of the typical symptoms of a panic attack and a heart attack. So how do you know the difference!? Panic attack Heart attack Symptoms usually peak after 10 mins. The pain lasts more than 5 minutes and the pain doesn’t affect the breathing.   Pain is concentrated in the chest, and fluctuates: rising & falling.   People describe the pain during a heart attack as constricting. The intensity of the pain can change. As a rule, the pain appears in the center of the chest and can move downward along the left arm and along the back. The pain…

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Mental & Emotional Health
October 20, 2016

Hearing panic attack warning bells?

You are imagining worst case scenarios about how your interview will go tomorrow and suddenly, you feel like death is looming. You start breathing heavily, your hands are trembling, you’re sweating, your stomach is hurting and your heart is pounding out of your chest. Are you about to have a heart attack? Are you about to die? (more…)

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First Aid, Accidents & Injuries
July 23, 2016

One minute wellness – Handle hyperventilating the right way

Hyperventilation, or experiencing fast and shallow breaths, can be caused by a number of different things, the most common cause though is a panic attack. And, like a bandage for a cut or a crutch for a broken leg, a brown paper bag is the trusted medical symbol for it – you’ve even seen it in cartoons and the movies. But why a brown bag? (more…)

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March 20, 2015

No panic at this disco

One moment you’re minding your own business, and the next your heart is racing, your nerves are shot and you feel so bad you think you’re going to die! This is what we call a panic attack. (more…)

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Mental & Emotional Health
July 10, 2014

Don’t panic on Panic Awareness Day

Have you ever had the feeling that you can’t breathe? Your heart is racing, you feel sweaty and the world seems to close in on you? You have an overwhelming urge to run, but where? And from what? This is classically how a panic attack feels! They come on suddenly and often without warning, triggered by a crowded place, an exam, a new job or an argument. If you ask someone who’s had a panic attack what it feels like, they’ll tell you: “It feels like I’m going to die.” (more…)

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