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November 16, 2014

Real toys for kids

Even though electronic games and gadgets are all the rage, remember that the way kids develop their motor skills has not changed. So, between the iPad and the games consoles, include some real toys that help your kids to learn and (bonus) don’t drain the power-grid! (more…)
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October 5, 2014

Mom, when should you see the doctor?

You aren’t feeling well or your child has the flu – do you treat the symptoms from the medicine cabinet, or do you go to the doctor? Here are a safe pointers to help you decide. Babies Your baby's first cold or flu can be a difficult experience for both you and your little one. If your little one is sick and feverish, you're probably losing sleep over what to do next. See the family doctor if: your baby refuses to drink fluids, is only taking small sips, is vomiting every time he or she drinks and/or isn't passing urine…
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