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May 12, 2014

Before you go gluten-free, find out what exactly gluten is

Earlier today, we posted a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel video in which his crew takes to the streets to ask health conscious people the question: “What is gluten?”. To our surprise, not a lot of them actually knew, even though they claimed to follow a gluten-free diet! OK, so most people know that gluten is found is foods like bread, pastries and pastas, but that seems to be where the understanding ends. (more…)
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December 18, 2013

Low-fat Italian pasta salad

It’s not pasta which is fattening, it’s the sauce you put on top that adds unnecessary calories. Here’s a low fat pasta salad recipe with a creamy Italian dressing, which can be used on other salads too! This makes a quick and delicious summer lunch dish. Italian Pasta Salad (more…)
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