Healthy Lifestyle
February 20, 2020

The power of pets to boost your health

Owning a pet can do more than just make you happy, they increase the likelihood of you exercising, engaging in outdoor activities and socialising, and more...
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July 16, 2018

What is cat scratch disease?

Your kitten’s little claws may seem harmless, but his scratch may not be. Cat scratch disease (CSD) is a bacterial infection spread by cats. The disease starts when cats become infected from a bacteria, usually passed on by a flea. The infection can spread to humans when the infected cat licks a person’s open wound, or bites or scratches a person hard enough to break the surface of their skin. You can also get CSD from the saliva of an infected cat if it gets into an open wound or touches the whites of your eyes. It takes about three…
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First Aid, Accidents & Injuries
July 13, 2015

Dog bites!

Dogs play such a big role in our lives – as pets, guide animals, drug sniffers and guard dogs, they form an important part of our society. Studies even show that dogs help us to exercise and to heal! As you’re reading this, you may be thinking of your furry family member, or your childhood pet. (more…)
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