Medication & Treatment
March 28, 2016

What are generic drugs?

When you go to the chemist to get a prescription filled, there’s every chance that your pharmacist asks you if you’d prefer a generic. But are generic drugs made of the same ingredients as branded medicines, and do they work the same way? (more…)
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Medication & Treatment
September 6, 2015

Are you taking too many pills?

Have you ever taken a rather large cocktail of medications to treat one disease or condition? This use of multiple medications - especially at the same time – is called Polypharmacy. It’s loosely defined as the use of five or more regular medications, or it can refer to excessive or unnecessary use of medication. (more…)
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Healthy LifestyleMedication & Treatment
April 24, 2014

If you’re taking medication, watch what you eat and drink!

Your pharmacist always tells you whether to take your medication before or after food, and whether or not it’s OK to take them with alcohol or before you drive. But do they ever tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat or drink? They should! This is because what you eat and drink has a powerful effect on your body, and what you consume can change the way that medication works in your system. Here, we look at the most common food and drinks which can interfere with medication. (more…)
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