Men's Health
January 13, 2020

Are random erections normal?

They may be embarrassing, but random erections are a part of a healthy development stage in your life. So, when do you need to see a doctor about your member?
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May 12, 2019

Bedwetting teenager? Here’s what you can do

Wetting the bed is expected amongst young children, but what if you don’t outgrow this? What if your child at age 16 still wets the bed? Here’s how to handle it.
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July 29, 2017

Still going through puberty in your 20s?

Going through puberty and getting older is a completely natural process, but your hormones can do some weird things when you least expect it! Your hormones are your body’s special chemical messengers that control most of your major bodily functions. They can affect reproduction, emotions, mood, and even your skin. 1. Skin issues Your start a new job, move, get married, and have kids. Each of these milestones comes with its own levels of stress. These changes affect your mental health and wellbeing, and your skin. Here’s how: Stress levels influence your hormone levels, which may induce acne and trigger…
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