General knowledge
June 16, 2015

Do you remember these South African classics?

We love thinking about our childhood, especially all the good times. Today is Youth Day and to help celebrate the day, we thought it would be a great time to see you can remember a few things from your youth. Take our quiz and see home many of these South African classics you can recall.  (more…)
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General knowledge
April 1, 2015

Are you an April Fools’ victim?

Instead of pranking you with a fake article, we thought we'd test your knowledge about health myths. Can you tell what's real and what's a hoax? Take our quiz and find out! (more…)
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Food & nutrition
March 26, 2015

Time to shed your kilos

Are you weight loss savvy? Is your knowledge of nutrition up to scratch? Take our quick quiz and find out if you know a thing or two about weight loss.  (more…)
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