Mental & Emotional Health
July 10, 2017

Make friends for life, not likes

University can be a challenging time. Your high school chapter has ended, and you’re out in the big bad world. You have to learn to be independent, navigate new rules, and fend for yourself. Overwhelming much? A friend who’s in the same boat as you will help in making your experience smoother, more fun, and you may just end up with a friend for life. Good friends, good life A bustling social life is as healthy for you as avoiding cigarettes. Yes really, says a study in the journal, PloS Medicine. Being a first year in university comes with immense…
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June 29, 2017

Feeling guilty about how you are parenting? Here’s what to do.

Don’t beat yourself up No matter how much you love your kids, being a parent can make you feel bad. When it comes to parenting, guilt is inevitable, and all parents feel it at some point! Our lifestyles today are so hectic that we are all spread thin. Work, carting children around, cooking, relationships, house work; there are only so many hours in a day and sometimes we simply can’t fit everything in. Enter: feelings of guilt. You feel guilty that you can’t help your kids out with their homework, that you can’t be at a sports match or drama…
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Love & Relationship
June 23, 2017

Love at first scent

Your nose is amazing! Research suggests that humans can fall in love simply through a keen sense of smell. Is this possible? What is the connection between the olfactory (smell) system and who we find attractive? How does fragrance work with the skin? Fragrances will always smell different on different people, and much of this has to do with how it reacts with your skin’s pH. Scents generally smell stronger on those with an oilier skin type, and won’t last as long on dry skin. Applying a scent-free body lotion before your fragrance will help your fragrance linger longer. Body temperature is one…
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Mental & Emotional Health
April 7, 2017

How to get over a relationship

Closure: an act or process of concluding something. In your early, exhilarating days of being together you laughed, smiled, talked and dreamed of being together forever. Now that it’s over, you’re left with painful memories and the loss of those dreams. This is what the end of a relationship is: a loss. And it needs to be mourned as such. Relationship closure is a big buzzword but it actually has merit. In a breakup, closure is when you and your ex accept that your relationship is over and you both feel a sense of resolution. The reality is… What worked…
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Mental & Emotional Health
March 11, 2017

Do you need couple’s therapy?

If the Olympics had an arguing competition, you and your partner could win a medal, and it’s not getting any better. You sleep in the same bed every night but have forgotten what intimacy feels like. What now? Couple’s therapy might sound drastic, but it can be extremely useful. Think of it this way: what do you do when your car breaks down? Chances are you probably can’t fix it yourself, so you have to send it in for repairs. Once it comes back from the workshop, you’re told how to handle the car so it won’t get damaged again.…
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Mental & Emotional HealthParenting
February 4, 2017

How to win at parenting

Every parent wants a good relationship with their kids, but it can be hard work, and sometimes - it can feel like an uphill battle. Even though it's hard work, the good news is that a closer connection with your child doesn’t need to cost you a cent. Bridge the gap and make your relationship stronger than ever with these tips. Make time There are plenty of hours in a week. Use at least one or two of them to nurture your relationship with your child. Set a reminder on your calendar just like you would any other appointment, and…
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Mental & Emotional Health
September 15, 2016

The anatomy of heartbreak

We all thought this couple would never break up. Angelina Jolie has reportedly filed for divorce, and soon, there will be no more Brangelina. A heartbreak can feel devastating, but how does it affect your body?  This could be happening to Brad right now: His brain cannot distinguish between emotional and physical hurt If you’ve ever been dumped, you’ll remember that terrible feeling – as if you’d been punched in the stomach! Well, even though no-one’s laid a finger on you, your brain is telling your body that the pain is real! In an interview with Women’s Health Magazine, Naomi…
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Food & nutrition
February 16, 2016

Are you in an unhealthy relationship with food?

We all want a relationship in one form or the other. Boyfriends, girlfriends and partners may leave, but food remains – it’s always there for you. It doesn’t judge you at all, it accepts you for who you are – the perfect relationship, right? (more…)
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Mental & Emotional Health
August 9, 2015

Signs of an abusive relationship

So, you’re struggling in your relationship; it’s not perfect, but then you tell yourself, “Nobody’s relationship is flawless.” But could it not be working because you’re actually in an abusive relationship without knowing it? If you answer YES to at least 4 of the following 6 signs, you may very well be in an abusive relationship. (more…)
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