sexual health

April 16, 2015

Getting your teen to 21, safely

It all happens so fast! One minute you’re strapping his sleeping little form into a car-seat. Then, before you know it, he’s out practising death-defying skate-board moves on a busy street! (more…)
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Sexual Health
December 4, 2014

Is masturbation bad?

Do you think about sex often? Be honest. It’s completely normal for you to want to have sex (or not!) and it’s also normal, not to mention common, to please yourself from time to time. Masturbation is a healthy part of life and, while we know it isn’t exactly a conversation starter at cocktail parties, we do get a lot of questions about it on Hello Doctor. Here are some answers: (more…)
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Back Pain
October 21, 2014

Don’t let back pain affect your sex-life

Suffering from lower back pain? If you do, then it’s understandable that you’ll try your best to avoid being intimate with your partner for fear of igniting pain instead of passion. However, chronic backache doesn’t need to be the end of your sex life. With a few changes to your positions and pace, intimacy is possible and mutually satisfying. (more…)
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Men's Health
August 19, 2014

5 Embarrassing penis questions, answered!

Here at Hello Doctor we get many questions from men regarding problems with their manhood and what to do about it. We thought it would be a good idea to put together a short FAQ with some of the most common questions we receive along with an answer from our Hello Doctor doctors. 1. How do I control early ejaculation? Early, or premature, ejaculation is a common issue for many men. Essentially it means that the man reaches orgasm sooner than he would like – within a minute of penetration, being unable to delay or hold off orgasm and feeling…
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May 24, 2014

Fertility 101: What factors affect female fertility?

As a woman, your reproductive system is made up of the following parts, and they all need to be in working order before you have a chance of falling pregnant. (more…)
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Sexual Health
January 14, 2014

Ladies, are you ready for your own blue pill?

Is your low libido getting you, well, down? Are you getting anxious or is your relationship starting to take strain because of it? Don’t worry ladies, scientists are working on a new female Viagra that’s set to help boost your sex drive. (more…)
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Sexual Health
December 6, 2013

Condoms are all the rage in Plett

No matter what nervous parents might think about the annual Matric Rage in Plettenburg Bay, one great thing is emerging from news reports – teenagers are buying condoms by the crate load. To be honest, we’re not sure they’re always being used properly, as the sales of morning-after contraception pills has also gone through the roof, but the “condomise” message has clearly been received by SA teens. (more…)
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