Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexual Health
November 15, 2016

Safe frisky business

Things are getting heated more often now, but you aren’t worried. You always use condoms, you’re on the Pill and you and your partner are free of STIs. You have nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. There are many other factors to think about when it comes to your sexual health. (more…)
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August 4, 2016

It only takes one time to get an STD!

Perhaps you think: “it just won’t happen to me” - or you’re too embarrassed or intimidated to insist on using a condom.  Maybe you’ve had too much to drink, or you think you can just throw caution to the wind because, you know, you only live once… (more…)
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December 3, 2013

The evolution of ARVs: one pill, once a day for a normal life

It’s been 33 years since the first signs of HIV were picked up, and since then a lot has changed. Previously, HIV was seen by many as a ‘death sentence’, and with good reason. Most people who were diagnosed with HIV, soon developed full-blown AIDS – and this had terrible consequences. Thanks to significant advancements in modern science and medicine over the past few years, drug therapies have simplified. Now, depending on your medical profile, your doctor can tailor your treatment and lifestyle habits – to help ensure that you live a long, healthy life – even if you are…
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