Skin conditions

June 18, 2018

Do you need a shingles vaccine?

Itchy, scabby skin, fluid-filled blisters, fatigue and a fever. Not fun, right? When you’re finally recovering from those painful symptoms of chickenpox, you feel a tremendous sense of relief. But what if the chickenpox virus comes back to visit? Chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus.  When you recover from chickenpox, it may seem as if the virus is gone, but it just becomes dormant in your nerve tissues. Certain people can live their entire lives unaware of this, with no symptoms. However, if your immune system suffers a blow, the virus can be reactivated, and shingles will develop.…
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October 5, 2016

That embarrassing rash! What can you do about it?

We have all experienced it in one way or another: an annoying rash on an awkward part of your body. You don’t want to tell anyone, but you simply HAVE to get rid of it. So, what do you do!? Here are a few common conditions seen in young adults and some advice about how to deal with it. (more…)
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