Chest & Lung
June 17, 2019

What is idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

diopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a type of lung disease that results in scarring (fibrosis) of the lungs for an unknown reason. Over time, this scarring gets worse making it hard to and it becomes hard breathe effectively.
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Healthy LifestyleSmoking
April 8, 2019

Want to quit smoking? Here are your best options

Many smokers decide to go cold turkey when wanting to nip smoking in the bud. Others take it on a day-to-day basis and hope for the best. Fact is, whether you’re an occasional smoker or a 30-a-day smoker, taking that last puff can be difficult.
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Healthy LifestyleSmoking
October 8, 2018

Marijuana: the good, the bad and the ugly

Whether you’ve tried it yourself, have a friend who does it or just watch others doing it on TV, you probably know a thing or two about marijuana. Also called weed, cannabis, pot, hash or dope, marijuana is no longer considered “taboo” or only something hippies smoke. With its recent legalisation in private homes, marijuana use amongst the public is on the rise. Your brain on weed Marijuana plants produce several chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The two most important of these are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short, and cannabidiol or CBD. Once you inhale (or eat) marijuana, these chemicals make…
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September 19, 2018

Weed is legal now. Here’s What you need to know

Today, the court legalized private use and possession of weed (cannabis / ‘dagga’) for South Africans. What exactly is legal? You can now grow cannabis in “a private place”. You can smoke weed in the privacy of your home. What is still illegal? You cannot sell weed to anyone, in any form. You cannot smoke weed in public. So, we can smoke as much weed as we want to, as long as we're at home? Not quite. This is only the first ruling in the process. In the next 2 years, Parliament needs to sort out the following details: *…
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Healthy LifestyleSmoking
August 9, 2018

Is vaping really better than smoking?

Since its inception more than 10 years ago, different models of vape pens are available worldwide, but a question among public health researchers continues to linger: “Do vape devices really help smokers quit, or is it a glorified unhealthy habit?” According to a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; it’s a little bit of both. While vaping may help many to quit conventional cigarettes, the practice itself could encourage young people to start smoking. It’s important to note that vaping has its own health risks, but it’s likely to be far less harmful than conventional cigarettes. How…
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Cancer & lymphoma
October 27, 2017

The main causes of colon cancer

Cancer truly is “the great equalizer” and it affects people of all ages, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. Cancer colon is no exception, and because it doesn’t usually have symptoms until it’s at a late stage it’s considered to be one of the most dangerous cancers a person can get. Colon cancer develops over a long period of time, and it can’t be detected unless a person goes for regular colonoscopies. So, if you have a family history of this type of cancer, or your lifestyle contributes to the development of it, then it’s very important that you speak to your…
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Healthy Lifestyle
March 30, 2017

How much you’ll save without sugar and cigarettes

We all have a guilty pleasure; whether it’s that ice-cold Coca-Cola to go with your meal or that long-awaited puff of a cigarette after a long, stressful day at work. As good as it is in the moment, your temporary high be costing you (and your health). Sugar The average South African takes in between 12 and 24 teaspoons of sugar each day. Four to eight teaspoons are from sugar-sweetened beverages. A single 330ml soft drink contains about eight teaspoons of sugar and sells for about R10. If you drink one a day, this adds up to R300 a month.…
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Exercise, Fitness & MuscleFood & nutritionSmoking
December 15, 2015

The 3 killers: Sitting, smoking, sugar

We’ve known that smoking is deadly for a long time, and every year the world moves a little further away from lighting up. When we realised that sugar, when over-consumed can also be dangerous to your health, this caused another major change in how the world eats and drinks. But the latest potential killer on the block is harder to drop and it’s everywhere: sitting. (more…)
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November 5, 2015

Is second-hand smoking a big deal?

So, you’re heading out for the evening and one of your friends lights up a cigarette in your car. It’s not just your clean clothes and hair that start to smell, it’s your health going up in smoke too! You don’t have to put up with passive smoking… it’s a serious hazard to your health! We’re here to help you stay smoke free! (more…)
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