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May 14, 2015

Hypertension is a silent killer

May you never meet The Silent Killer – hypertension! And why is hypertension called The Silent Killer? Because you can have it without knowing! There are no direct symptoms. And high blood pressure increases your risk for heart disease and stroke. These can also hit you without warning. (more…)
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Heart & Blood Vessels
April 21, 2015

Foods that fight high blood pressure

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (aka DASH) is an eating plan that emphasises foods which are predominantly unprocessed and naturally low in salt, while limiting salt, unhealthy fats and sugar.
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Food & nutritionRecipes
March 16, 2014

A salt-free braai? It’s possible!

It’s hard to believe, but we did a salt-free braai with Ultimate Braai Master Judge Bertus Basson, and he was really impressed with the flavour he achieved without salt. He didn’t think he could do it! The traditional braai is a South African institution, where the great outdoors becomes your kitchen, your cooler box converts into the kitchen table and the fire replaces your stove. But salt, along with black pepper and your favourite marinade, is a vital item. Or is it? (more…)
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High Blood Pressure
February 19, 2014

Smaller portions equals less salt

Reducing the amount of food you eat at each meal, even gradually, will help you to lose and maintain a healthy weight. There’s an additional pay-off too though; smaller portions means you also eat less salt. (more…)
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High Blood Pressure
February 2, 2014

Salt: Knowledge is power

Salt is often added to packaged or processed foods as a preservative or for flavour. Sometimes these foods don’t even taste particularly salty. For example, bread, cereals, hard/block margarines, gravy and soup powders, processed meat products like sausage, polony and pies, meat and vegetable extracts, and convenience meals are just some of the products containing hidden salt that can contribute to our salt intake. Of course, this means that your salt intake can be really high without you even knowing it. Stay one step ahead of hidden salt by reading product labels. Here’s a quick “how-to-guide” on understanding food label…
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