suicide prevention

Mental & Emotional Health
September 6, 2016

9 risk factors for suicide

It’s hard to talk about suicide. If you’ve never lost anyone this way (or thought about it yourself) it’s tempting to think of suicide as taking ‘the easy way out’ - or as a distant sadness, the way we felt when the news broke that Robin Williams had taken his own life. But how do you talk about suicide in a real and helpful way? If someone you know is at risk, you can ask a simple question, even though you may not be a psychologist. Let’s look at the risk factors, and then we’ll give you the question. How…
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DepressionGrief and Loss
September 10, 2014

Save a life: Preventing suicide

Suicide prevention is possible, and it starts with being able to read the warning signs. If you think that a family member, child or friend is in danger, then this is a good time to take a quick look at the signs, facts and ways you can recognise and help anyone close to you who might be at risk. (more…)
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February 20, 2014

Teen suicide prevention

This week is dedicated to Teen Suicide Prevention, and the focus is on creating awareness around the seriousness of teen depression, and what can be done to break the stigma surrounding it. (more…)
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