Exercise, Fitness & Muscle
October 8, 2019

How much water do you need when you exercise?

When you’re exercising, you lose fluids through evaporation via sweat and through breathing. So, how much water does your body need? The best way to measure your water needs is by how your body feels.
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General knowledge
June 23, 2017

What the smell of your sweat means

It’s hot and humid and as hard as you try, beads of sweat are trickling from your body. Horrors: even you can smell your own not-so-sweet fragrance! Why does sweat smell and what does it mean for your health? Your own air conditioner Sweat is a normal bodily function that starts just a few months after birth. Think of it as your body’s built-in cooling system. Thermoregulation (regulation of your body-temperature) happens when you secrete a water and sodium solution through glands all over your body. When wind blows over the sweat, it cools your skin, which cools down your…
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