General knowledge
February 27, 2017

Your brain tastes food, not your mouth

You’re eating a burger and you let out a euphoric sigh because it just tastes so damn good! When you're enjoying a delicious meal, you probably aren’t thinking about why you’re able to taste. Instead, you’re concentrating on chewing, but your sense of taste is amazing. You have up to 10 000 tastebuds all over your tongue, mouth and throat. Each of them contain up to 100 taste receptors and each respond differently to your food. Your taste cells send information about the type and amount of substances to your brain when you eat. Taste is divided into five categories: salty,…
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Food & nutrition
June 23, 2016

Teach your taste buds

Our taste-buds have acquired the taste for salt, and most people believe that food will taste bland without salt. However, the preference for salty flavours can be changed, and making use of other ingredients can help enhance the flavour of foods. But WHAT ingredients, we hear you ask? Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck for choice in this department. (more…)
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