Food & nutrition
June 29, 2016

Make it easy for teens to eat well

Between teen girls worrying about weight and teen boys swinging on the fridge door because they’re always hungry, there has to be a way to balance out what they want and what they need – here are some suggestions. (more…)
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September 23, 2015

Matric dance survival tips

For your teen, it’s a big, big deal – the end of a 12-year stint in school! For parents, it’s a big deal too – matric dances don’t come cheap and watching your child’s first major rite of passage is an emotional business. Here are some ways to make sure it’s a good memory for everyone. (more…)
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Healthy Lifestyle
August 29, 2015

Why teens are hitting the bottle

We came across this article from the Times LIVE, from the headline “Teenagers hitting the bottle to cope”, we knew it was vital that parents know (and have the skills) to help their teens – please pay attention. (more…)
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