August 6, 2015

Teaching baby to walk!

Crawling, standing and walking are things that babies grow into, but for first-time parents, it can feel like a huge challenge! When is the right age, how can we help – is crawling backwards normal? Generally, from 4 -15 months your baby goes from learning how to sit up to walking around the house, alone and without help. Remember: all children develop on their own personal time-line, but here are a few basic pointers. (more…)
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January 16, 2015

Bruised at day-care

Joanne Hart for HelloDoctor.com Okay, little ones are constantly bumping into things, or pulling objects over – so, it’s no great surprise to see them come home with the odd scrape or bruise. You should expect the day-care staff to give you some feedback on how a bruise happened, but it’s also possible for them to miss a small bump forms a bruise later in the day. (more…)
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