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September 17, 2018

How to avoid toxins in the kitchen

Imagine you still had to head out into the field to collect your corn, fetch your eggs from the chickens and milk your own cow. It may be a novel experience for a weekend retreat, but hardly a practical morning routine for our modern lives. We live in the age of convenience: with ready-made meals, and fruit, veg and fresh produce delivered straight to your door. The downside, though, is that all the processing and packaging can lead to harmful toxins entering into your kitchen. Pay attention to these hidden dangers of our prepackaged era, so you can give your…
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Healthy Lifestyle
November 13, 2017

Can recycling make you ill?

Recycling is all about doing good for the environment, right? After all, we want to keep our land and water around for as long as possible. Ironically though, your health may suffer if recycling is done the wrong way. Reduce, reuse and recycle Recycling helps reduce the pollution that’s caused by waste. Recycling works by taking waste material (like used plastic bottles, glass and newspapers), and creating something else useful. Recycle effectively Recycle plastic bags separately Plastic bags slow down the recycling process. People who sort the bags must individually open them up and only after that can they dispose the…
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Child DevelopmentParenting
October 24, 2017

Watch out for toxic toys

Kids usually want everything they see in stores. And whether it's their birthday, Christmas or just the fact that the neighbour's child has one - our little ones can become very persuasive to get what they want! Before you give in to their pleas, though, make sure you're not purchasing something that could be dangerous to your little one's health! According to Safe Kids Worldwide a non-profit organisation, each year throughout the world, almost one million children die of an injury. Almost every one of them was preventable. Toys are meant to be fun, but if your child needs to…
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