Travel health

Symptoms, Aches & Pains
May 23, 2017

Why do I get motion sickness?

Have you ever been in a bus and felt dizzy for no reason? Say “hello” to the common traveller’s companion: motion sickness. Motion sickness simply means: a disturbance in your body’s sense of balance and equilibrium. Any mode of transport can cause motion sickness. What happens is your brain and body become confused and go into malfunction mode. What’s with the motion? You can feel motion sickness in a car, train, boat, an aeroplane, or even on a rollercoaster. The sickness usually goes away when the motion stops. Children between the ages of five and 12 who would usually be…
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Healthy LifestyleTravel & holiday
May 17, 2017

How to avoid getting sick while traveling

Love to travel, but afraid you may get sick en route? Don’t be. Enjoy the journey with these tips. Taking the train Sit face forward. When you’re seated against the direction of travel, you could have motion sickness. Motion sickness is when one part of your balance-sensing system (your inner ear, eyes, and sensory nerves) sense that your body is moving, but the other parts don't. This can cause you to feel dizzy or nauseous. If all the forward-facing seats are taken, ask someone to swap with you. You can also ask the train conductor for help. Look ahead. Try…
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November 23, 2016

Don’t let a disability disrupt your holiday

There are hordes of people everywhere and interminably long queues. The weather is sweltering and the family have descended in their droves. The festive season is stressful enough without needing special requirements due to your disabilities, but there are ways to ease the burden this year. (more…)
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Healthy LifestyleSafety
April 9, 2016

UPDATE: Don’t lose your child in a public place

Children do go missing. Parents, we know that it’s the last thing you want to hear, but it is a true risk. Nothing equals the panic you feel when a little one suddenly disappears. We’ve put together a list of practical safety measures that are simple enough to explain to children. Your child now has a “safety plan” that they can understand and follow. (more…)
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First Aid, Accidents & Injuries
December 22, 2014

Snakebites: What to do

That slithering, scaly body is enough to give anyone the shivers! For most of us living in the cities, snakes aren't something we see often, but it's still possible to come across one of these reptiles, and when you do - you want to be ready.  South Africa is home to some of the most poisonous snakes. While snakebites aren’t as common as a road accidents, they can be fatal – so, knowing what to do if you’re bitten, could be the difference between life and death. What to do We’d like to say there’s a home-made treatment, but there…
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December 13, 2014

I’m pregnant – Is it safe to fly?

Air travel during pregnancy is generally considered safe for women who have healthy pregnancies, but it’s important to check if your medical scheme or health care provider approves air travel. (more…)
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allergy-friendly airline travel
May 23, 2014

The world’s first ‘allergy-friendly’ airline

That’s right, Swiss International Air Lines is the first of its kind to be certified as 'allergy-friendly'! If you don’t have allergies, then this might not be big news to you. However, for people who battle with food or chemical intolerances, it could make for a much better travel experience. (more…)
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December 10, 2013

Traveling during pregnancy – what you need to know

Travelling while you are pregnant requires careful planning and thought beforehand. It’s important to discuss your plans with your doctor well in advance of your trip. (more…)
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Healthy Lifestyle
December 5, 2013

Take care while travelling these holidays

Drive safely. Take regular breaks to stretch your legs. Check your car tyres. Stop if you feel tired. Do these sound familiar? Probably, they’re some of the road safety awareness messages we hear all the time, especially when December holidays roll round and everyone is travelling. Road safety messages and checks are there for a reason, to help ensure you get to your destination safely. With that in mind, and with holidays just around the corner, here are our top road safety checks for driving these holidays. (more…)
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