Exercise, Fitness & Muscle
May 11, 2015

You won’t believe how this guy got this body

Well-defined muscles in a lean and ripped body: you can tell what Ben Mudge is doing in the gym each day. But it doesn’t tell you why. Mudge, 25, works as a fitness model and personal trainer, but that’s not the reason he’s putting in the hours shedding sweat at the gym – he’s doing it to stay alive. (more…)
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May 1, 2015

How to beat fatigue

You’re eyes are getting heavy, you’re feeling very sleepy…no, this isn’t hypnosis – but it is how many of us feel when we're stuck in that all too familiar gridlock morning traffic. (more…)
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Vitamins & Supplements
April 23, 2015

Should you be taking multivitamin supplements?

Adverts tell us we can’t live without them. Pharmacies stock hundreds of different brands, each claiming to be the best…but, are multivitamins as effective as they are claimed to be? Does it matter at which time of the day you wash one down? (more…)
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Chest & Lung
January 27, 2014

Jenna Lowe’s story

If it wasn’t for the thin, clear plastic oxygen tubing and a slight catch in her voice, you wouldn’t even know about the battle that young Jenna Lowe is waging. (more…)
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