Foot Care
January 23, 2019

What to do about warts under your feet

Plantar warts are small growths that appear mainly on your heels or other weight-bearing areas of your feet. The pressure on these warts can cause them to grow inward, creating a clump of hard, thick skin (mosaic warts). Warts can also appear on the hands, and these are called palmer warts. Plantar warts are common, particularly in children. Most people will have a wart at some point in their lifetime. Some corns and calluses are mistaken for plantar warts. In some warts, little black dots appear. These are called “seed” warts. The black dots are small blood vessels that have…

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April 6, 2016

The truth about warts

Warts is a very common skin condition. Although everyone has got their own idea as to what causes them and how to get rid of them, these are the facts. (more…)

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