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January 16, 2017

The wine-lover’s guide to healthy teeth

Sharing a bottle of quality wine with friends and family, is about more than just the taste: wine has the power to enhance the flavour of certain foods or diminish that of others, while all the while tantalising our senses. It has a pleasant, relaxing effect, and, from the moment you crack the cork, to the last drop, is filled with pleasant memories of times shared with our loved ones. There is definitely a certain  je ne sais quoi to the whole experience.  However, when it comes to your teeth, there is a downside: it can harm your teeth, and…

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January 4, 2015

Red wine chicken and garlic

Looking for a cholesterol-busting, heart healthy meal? Try out this red wine chicken and garlic recipe! The olive oil and red wine contains a potent mix of antioxidants that helps lower your "bad" (LDL) cholesterol but leaving your "good" (HDL) cholesterol untouched. Here’s how to make it: (more…)

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Teeth & gums
August 14, 2014

5 Drinks that stain your teeth

It works for your general health, and also it works for keeping your smile bright and shiny: prevention is better than cure. Sure, you can go for expensive cleaning treatments every few months, but knowing (and managing) what stains your teeth in the first place just makes more sense. The main culprits: Black coffee. The darker the drink, the more staining-potential it has. Add some milk to reduce the staining effect. Black tea – the same rule applies. If you can’t add milk, don’t make the brew too strong. Wine. Bet you didn’t know this, but both white and red…

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