August 5, 2015

Breastfeeding in public – should you cover up?

The breastfeeding debate doesn't get resolved, it just changes. An incident this week saw a breast-feeding woman asked to leave a clothing store in a mall. The real debate now is whether moms should cover up while breastfeeding in public. (more…)
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Women's Health
August 24, 2014

Foods that fight PMS

PMS, or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, is incredibly common and almost every woman has experienced it at some point in their lives. Symptoms can be mild one month and terrible the next and include mood swings, acne, food cravings, tender breasts and fatigue. PMS occurs due to the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle – and importantly stress, lack of exercise and poor diet can aggravate the symptoms. (more…)
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