July 20, 2020

Are you depressed or just under pressure?

Let's face it - life can be pretty tough sometimes. Especially when 'sometimes' is the year 2020! Not all of us cope in the same way, and that is okay. Some of us take the crises in our stride. For others, the uncertainty, stress, uncertainty, and fear-driven headlines get too much, and they start developing symptoms of depression. Are you just going through a temporary struggle, or should you consult a doctor? about depression? In most instances, those hard-to-shake symptoms of fatigue, forgetfulness and feeling flustered are more likely to be signs of a burn-out, which can still be serious…
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May 2, 2019

5 things to make your workplace better for the disabled

An inclusive workplace means equality, non-discrimination, fairness, respect and dignity. This should be a standardised part of any organisation’s every-day goals and behaviour.Every workplace environment should have a welcoming culture where everyone feels valued.
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August 10, 2018

10 Ways to improve your concentration

A song plays in the far distance, and you’re instantly distracted. A text notification pops up on your phone; you get side-tracked from your job. Someone chats to you while you’re working and you can’t concentrate… Why is it so easy to lose focus? The good news: there are ways to improve your concentration. 1. Make a plan Find a way to structure what you’re about to do. Set a time target to achieve your task. This will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and increase your drive towards your goal. 2. Choose your environment Finding a suitable spot…
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Mental & Emotional Health
July 16, 2018

How do you get your motivation back at work?

A feeling of dread washes over you when you wake up every morning to start your work. The days when you jumped out of bed, energised to climb the corporate ladder are long gone. Now, you just look forward to Fridays. Where’s your motivation gone? When you lack the enthusiasm to work, being at the office (or working from home) for eight hours can feel like a year. According to research, approximately 48% of people around the world don’t enjoy their jobs. Only 30% feel engaged and inspired while working, and 18% are disengaged, saying that they don’t like their…
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July 16, 2018

How sick is too sick to go to work?

Just how sick do you have to be to stay home? But how sick can you be to qualify for a day off? Well, truth is if you’re really feeling unwell and especially if you have a fever, you need to stay home. You also have to consider whether you’re putting yourself or others at risk if you go to work. If the symptoms of your condition, or the side-effects of medication could cause an injury or accident on the job, affect others, or if your work flow is interrupted and you can’t focus, then you need to stay at…
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Healthy Lifestyle
October 31, 2015

Office or home – Where should you work?

There’s an ongoing debate here at the Hello Doctor office between people who prefer to work from home versus those who love to be at the office. Their reasons vary from productivity to silence. One thing is clear though, not everyone feels the same way. If given the choice, which would you choose? (more…)
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Brain and Nervous System
July 23, 2015

Brain fitness: Stay sharp, stay young!

Your brain is quite literally the powerhouse that controls your body, and your genes, lifestyle and habits all affect how healthy and effective it is. Hello Doctor spoke to psychologist Mitzi Hollander, who’s involved in brain training theories and practises, about ways you can help prevent mental deterioration, and how you can improve and boost mental fitness. (more…)
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