Symptoms, Aches & Pains
August 21, 2017

Get relief for that itchy bottom

We get it. This isn’t a problem you’re dying to share with your friends. The good news: it’s common. But it may be important to get looked at before it becomes serious. Anal itching (the fancy term is pruritis ani) can often be so annoying that you may struggle to concentrate during normal activities. And you can’t exactly scratch that area in a public space! In fact, scratching could make the problem worse, as you could spread bacteria to the area through your fingers. It can also lead to tears in the skin that can cause infection. Itchy factors Indigestion,…
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Gut & digestionHygieneInfections
October 1, 2016

You have worms!?

Let's flip a coin. Heads or tails? What are your chances of guessing correctly? 50%, right? Well, that's about the same chance of you having worms in your gut at this very moment. We know, it's disgusting, and you'd rather not think about it. But think about it: if they're in there right now, sharing your lunch, wouldn't you want to get rid of them - heads and tails? (more…)
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