Take care while travelling these holidays

Drive safely 코렐드로우 x7 다운로드. Take regular breaks to stretch your legs. Check your car tyres. Stop if you feel tired. Do these sound familiar? Probably, they’re some of the road safety awareness messages we hear all the time, especially when December holidays roll round and everyone is travelling.

Road safety messages and checks are there for a reason, to help ensure you get to your destination safely. With that in mind, and with holidays just around the corner, here are our top road safety checks for driving these holidays.

Plan Ahead and Make Sure You Get Enough Rest
Plan your trip and departure time well in advance, and make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before you leave, so you feel fresh and rested for the drive. If you need to make and receive calls while you’re on the road, always pack a hands-free kit – studies have shown that talking and texting while driving is actually as dangerous (if not more so) than drinking and driving. It’s just not worth it.

Make Sure Your Car is Roadworthy
This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to assume that your car is in roadworthy condition, especially if you’ve recently had it serviced or put new tyres on. Don’t take the risk! These are some of the most important things to check on your car before a long distance trip:
• Breaks and brake fluid
• Tyre tread and pressure
• Oil and water
• Windscreen wipers
• Lights (front, back and park lights, as well as your headlights)
• Make sure your spare tyre has enough tread and is pumped up
• In the boot, keep jumper cables, a spanner, torch and rope for towing
• A basic first aid kit

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Take Care When Packing the Car
Take the time to pack your car carefully, and make sure everything is secure and that you have easy access to essentials like snacks, water or medication.

What Road Trip Food Should I Pack?
Takeaways and convenience foods are often expensive if you buy them on the road, so it’s a good idea to pack a few of your own snacks and drinks from home. The best road trip food is easy to eat and won’t spoil from the heat. Think fruit, nuts and sandwiches with toppings that won’t make the bread soggy. Peanut butter or marmite are always a good bet. Remember to pack wet wipes, so you can clean your hands easily.

Take Regular Breaks
As a general rule, you should aim to stop at least once every two hours for a 15 minute break. It’s important to stretch your legs and give your brain a break from focusing on the road for so long. Even if you aren’t feeling tired, a short pit stop will freshen you up for the next leg of the journey.

Know the Route You’re Taking
Keep an eye and ear open for any news about traffic problems, road-works and heavy weather along your route, and pack an accurate road map, even if you have a GPS.