Take the stairs!

Want to stay well 스케치업 2019 한글 다운로드? Then give the lift a miss and take the stairs instead!

Walking up stairs is one of the best-kept secrets in preventive medicine. In the days before hi-tech testing, doctors would often walk up stairs with their patients to check out heart and lung function.

What’s so special about climbing stairs?

Studies comparing stair climbing with walking and lifting weights found that stair climbing was by far the most demanding. It was twice as taxing as brisk walking on level ground, and 50% harder than walking up a steep incline or lifting weights.

What’s more, peak exertion was attained much faster climbing stairs than walking, which is why nearly everyone huffs and puffs going upstairs, at least until their “second wind” kicks in. Even at a slow pace, you’ll burn calories two to three times faster climbing stairs than walking briskly level ground.

Is there a right (or better) way to climb stairs?

Yes, it turns out there is. Taking them one at a time, not two, is better for you. The reason is simply this: You burn more calories over an entire flight of stairs, when taking one at a time.

Since every little bit of exercise is a step forward on the long road to health, this option seems too good to miss by taking the escalator!

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