Tell us about your family traditions

Does your family have a tradition? Think about it before you answer – it can be anything you do that brings your family closer, strengthening bonds.

Remember, there’s no limit on a tradition and this is the time to create an exciting, fun ritual that really shows that you’re a FAMILY.

You’d be amazed at the health benefits that this brings with it. Here’s a guide to creating a new family tradition!’

Traditions can change: Are you still using the same tradition that you did when you kids were toddlers? It’s doubtful that your teenagers are going to want to bring their lucky blankie down in the morning for their special birthday breakfast! Every year brings change – and so must the tradition.

Not sure what to do next or where to start? Well, let us help you out. There’re different types of traditions that families can choose to have:

  • Daily traditions
  • Monthly traditions
  • Traditions due to significant life changes

Daily Traditions: These are the little things that you might not think bring you together, but they do!

  • The family, taking the dog for a walk every evening may seem simple, but it’s that time that time that you have together on a daily basis that strengthens the family bond

Monthly Traditions: It can be something big or small such as:

  • Playing a family-favourite board game on a particular day every month
  • Going to the restaurant that you all love
  • Go and watch a movie at the cinema together

Life-changing traditions: Whether it’s a celebration such as a wedding or a painful loss of a loved one, creating a tradition will help strengthen the family bond. If you’ve lost someone you can perhaps:

  • Frame or hang one of their possessions that they loved
  • Sit down as a family and speak about everything you loved about them.
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But, if you’re celebrating:

  • Has your child graduated? Host a party with all your family and friends

Once you’ve created a tradition, it’ll last forever and may run through family generations – build some today!