The 3 P’s to avoid financial overindulgence during the festive season

The festive season is almost upon us and with it comes a few end-of-year indulgences 구글 카나리아 다운로드.

Just like a healthy lifestyle, everything needs to happen in moderation. If you overspend during the silly season, you could risk becoming over-indebted or struggling to get back into your monthly financial routine. Here are a few tips to help you avoid overindulgence during the holiday season.

Remember the 3 P’s this holiday season

Most people tend to overspend mainly on three things: parties, presents and places or simply the three P’s.

Parties – overspending can be a party pooper in the long run

Whether you’re a guest or a host, parties can be a financial drain if not managed properly. This includes things like a braai, New Year’s Eve party, family dinner are all examples of ‘parties’.

To avoid overspending, pick the must-attend parties rather than trying to be there for every event. Stick to the ones that you can afford to host or attend and spend the rest of your time relaxing or doing things that don’t cost a lot of money.

Presents – the gift that you keep on paying for

It is the season to give generously but you need to do this within the limitations of your budget. Draw up a budget for gifts and stick to it. Shop around for the best prices and avoid the last-minute gift shopping rush. You’ll end up buying under pressure and spending more than you budgeted for. Use discount vouchers and loyalty points to your advantage during this time of year.

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Places – out and about but not broke

During the holiday season, most people prefer to eat out more often than other times of the year. You can manage it properly so that you don’t break the bank. Try to not eat out for breakfast, lunch and supper. While it may be tempting, you may spend your money just on take-away meals and restaurant bills.

If you don’t feel like cooking every night, you can cook a variety of meals ahead of time and freeze them for later use. Soups and stews are great to freeze and defrost later. You can also freeze pizza bases and make your own pizza later in the week.

Become financially healthier this festive season

Remember the 3 P’s this festive season to help ensure that you do not overindulge financially. Speak to Metropolitan on 0860 724 724 for more about our products and services.