The friend factor: How they make you healthier

What do you do for fun oz report designer 다운로드? “I love spending time with my friends!” is the answer that most of us would give, but did you know that there’s more to those good times than meets the eye? Studies show that your social circle has a positive influence on your mental and physical wellbeing. So, let’s find out how your pals help to improve your health.

A longer life

Quit smoking, exercise and eat right. These are the three lifestyle changes that you are told about, all the time. While it’s true, a fourth change needs to be added to assisting you to have a better quality of life.

A [2010] study suggests “a potential tip for extending lifespan: make some friends. The results show people with strong social relationships increased their odds of survival over a certain time period by 50 percent, the researchers say. That’s on par with ceasing smoking, and nearly twice as beneficial as physical activity in terms of decreasing your odds of dying early.”!

Today, more than ever, there are many options to help you make friends. Why not try:

  • Attending social events
  • Start playing a team sport
  • Joining forums. You’ll be able to discuss topics with people who have the same common interest. You become part of a community

Feel – and look – great!

Everyone is looking for that “all-in-one cure” Well, it turns out that it’s always been there – just a call, text or instant message away.

A study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), found that introducing people with an interest in fitness, into a social circle, influenced others in the group to become more active and make other healthy lifestyle choices.

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So, if you are struggling become motivated to exercise, ask them to join you. They will be your support.

Your sixth sense: belonging

This is possibly their most important impact on your health. It’s bigger than any club or society; there is no membership required.

According to Karyn Hall, Ph.D., director of the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Centre in Houston, Texas, friends can be a gateway to feeling a part of something bigger. “A sense of belonging to a greater community improves your motivation, health and happiness.”

The sense of belonging enforces a purpose in your life, which has been shown to lessen the chances of depression and anxiety.

So, the results are in! Your friends are more than just great for a night out, a cry on the shoulder or someone to tag on your Facebook: they add years to your life, and keep you sane. Keep them close.