The perks of being single this Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time of the year: when birds are singing new songs, the world will be painted red with hearts and couples will be slightly more nauseating than usual. For singles out there, Valentine’s Day can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are still many stigmas attached to being single, like loneliness, desperation and ‘‘being left on the shelf’’, but there’s nothing wrong with being by yourself. In fact, it could be the best time of your life. While couples are getting loved up, you can too, by showing yourself the love you deserve. Being single is a chance to get to know yourself and love yourself better, before letting someone else have the opportunity (and privilege!) to do so.

How to make the best of being single

Get out of your comfort zone
You know that internal bucket list of things you’ve always wanted to tick off, but just haven’t? Being single gives you the opportunity to explore these on your own whenever you want to. Achieving goals and dreams on your own helps you grow and get out of your comfort zone. You may also stumble on someone special while trying new things!

Say hi – to yourself
When you’re in a relationship you have to give a lot of your time and attention to someone else. Being single allows you the opportunity to get to know yourself better, inside and out. Use the time to explore your goals, and identify things you would like to change. Most importantly, strategise how you plan to work towards these goals.

Count your blessings
It’s easy to get caught up in being sad and single and forget all the great things in life when you don’t have someone to cuddle with. But what about your great friends, family, and that career you love? Learn to be content with who you are, and cherish all the things you are grateful for.

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Date yourself
You don’t need someone with you to laugh during a comedy show, and you surely don’t need someone next to you to enjoy a delicious meal. If you really want a box of chocolates or flowers to brighten up your house, spoil yourself a little.

The perks of being single

Your bank account is happy
Whether you’re a man or a woman, being part of a couple and forking out money goes hand-in-hand. When you’re single, you have the opportunity to save money and do less costly activities because you don’t have to impress anyone!

You are your time keeper
You want to sleep in tomorrow? Spend the day watching TV? You can! You don’t need your schedule to be approved if you would like to spend time with friends. Singlehood might seem daunting if you’re newly single, but soon you’ll realise how liberating it is to be the only deciding factor.

You have a growth spurt
Being in a relationship won’t stunt your growth as a person, however, when you’re single, you don’t feel the pressure of a significant other wanting to settle down or to put your dreams on hold. Using your time in singledom to reflect, accept and work towards being better in all aspects.