The science behind sports clothing

Earlier this month we asked (and answered) the question of whether the type of shoes you wear for different activities, really matters 3.8 pob 다운로드. Could the same be true with sports clothing as well?

We’re going to take a look at two sports that involve wearing skin-tight clothing and in the case of one of them, very questionable and unattractive shorts; well, shorts may be giving them a bit too much credit!


You’ve more than likely seen cyclists on the road or even on a spinning bike in the gym wearing skin-tight clothing and those very unflattering shorts – is it really necessary? The short answer: yes.

When it comes to bike shorts, it’s about function; they may not look great but they are designed to give you maximum comfort during your ride.

They also help to minimise wind resistance as well as allowing you a full range of motion with your legs as you pedal. If you cycle for a couple of hours in loose-fitting clothing, the repetitive movement of your leg, rubs against the clothing. This can lead to very uncomfortable rashes!

The same is true of cycling tops: in addition to comfort, they absorb sweat, and are light enough to make sure the cyclist moves as fast as they possibly can.

Other useful accessories

  • Cycling shoes
  • Cycling sunglasses
  • Helmet
  • Lights

The right gear allows you to progress in your activity and protects you from accidents and/or injuries. It’s time to make the shift, now!

Contact sports: Rugby and soccer

Have you ever wondered why rugby jerseys have become so tight – almost like a second skin? Is this simply to show off their muscles or does it actually protect them and help improve their performance?

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There is actually a science behind the new-generation jersey design. In an article by sport techie, Puma states that: “the tape on the front of the shirt is supposed to relax the body for deeper breathing as well as to stimulate the abdominal muscles for balance and stability. There is also tape on the back of the jersey at the shoulder blades and lower back to increase stability and stimulate certain muscles in the back.”

So, take a minute and think about what actually happens in a game of rugby or soccer. Both sports require the player to have as much stability as possible. Think about the leg and core strength needed for scrums to keep them from collapsing!

The bottom line is that the advancement in technology isn’t only about electronic devices – sports clothing is actually designed through scientific principles, allowing the athletes to perform at their best and be protected as much as possible.

The right clothing is an investment for your health! Go and grab your gear, now!